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Knowledgeable Home Inspection Experts


Decades of experience. 1,000’s of houses inspected and analyzed. We bring the tools and experience needed to complete a comprehensive inspection. 

We Notice the Little Things


Our reports are written with details. Digital pictures, color-coded text, and a report summary are all part of the standard offerings.

Customers Love Us


Our customers love us because we tell them the most important issues right up front. We’ll talk about how severe those issues might be.  We take the time to review the report findings and answer questions on-site. 

Our Inspection Services

Home Inspections for a BUYER


Whether you are buying a new or existing home, buyers appreciate us, because we help them gain enough information about that home to make an informed decision to buy or not to buy. We’ll look it over top to bottom, up and down, inside-out. We’ll tell you about it in ways you can understand and we’ll give you an on-site report so you can use it to your advantage.

Home inspection for a SELLER


Home sellers appreciate us, because we let them know where the surprises are – the ones they didn’t know about – the ones that might delay or even stop the sale. They can have the items repaired, or price the home more reasonably for QUICK SALE.

New construction inspection


We do Phase Inspections for new home construction. Ideally, we do three inspections during the construction of the home. Phase One: We inspect the conditions before the concrete is poured covering up problems. Phase Two: We inspect the framing and stub-in for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical before they put the insulation and drywall in. Phase Three: We inspect the final product, before you sign the final papers.

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